What inspired me to get into weight training was my grandfather as he used to do a lot of weight training himself. I found my passion for this at 17 years of age. I did weights for 12 years where I mainly focused on hypertrophy/strength & conditioning. However, over the last 2 years, I switched my focus to calisthenics and body weight training.

Before taking supplements I never got the sufficient amount of protein in my diet and therefore held my body back from reaching its full potential. However, this changed once I started taking supplements such as whey protein, creatine, and more.


I currently work as a Registered Nurse at Starship operating theatres.

I started my fitness journey when I was 17, and since then I've competed in a few bodybuilding competitions and won some trophies along the way! For me the gym is my way of unwinding after a day at work and I love that you can always have a goal, whether it's to better your general health or train for a competition :)


I'm a calisthenics athlete from NZ. 

I got in to this sport as it challenges me as a person and helps me build discipline like no other. I have done other sports such as gymnastics and competitive boxing where I excelled and gained a few national titles.

My journey has been an interesting one as I've had a lot of achievements, but also a lot of mistakes that I've learnt from.

So far it has been good and I have enjoyed every moment.

I have taken a few supplements through the current year. I recommend taking supplement brands such as EHP Labs, Raisey's, Ghost, Nexus, and Goli as these are some of my favourite supplements to go for.